Why I speak

Thus far I have stayed pretty neutral on may topics such as politics, government, religion, many causes and other issues around our globe. I have, however, been very vocal on the issue of domestic violence. Even then I tried to just be neutral. This forum is my personal forum that I will share freely and exercise the privilege of my freedom of speech. As I grow and become more and more active in the cause I advocate, domestic violence, I find it is at time necessary to let out the desire to want to say..’what the heck just happened, where is everyone, why is no one talking, how can we live in world and just shut up when our voices can make a difference. Sometimes I want to scream. This site is my SCREAMING site!! I will vent here, I will share here, I will be totally, 100% honest here. Another journey begins here! The world in my stage. I welcome you with open arms!!


 I have a voice, I will speak. Passivity has been a trait that defined most of my early life, especially when it comes to handling emotional issues. I have since learned that I must be able to stand for myself and state how I feel, without fear. In some rare cases, this may not be appreciated, but it is not my business to worry about what some else thinks of me. It is my business to be honest with me first, yet gentle with others.  It is my business to also take what I can that helps propel me forward and leave the rest behind.

Contact Information: 

email: sukree@sukreeboodram.com


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