Man with enhanced spinal column, rear view (Digital Composite)

In July 2015 I started experiencing severe pain on my lower left back/hip area. At first I thought this was the result of me probably hurting my back somehow. I took some over the counter pain medications for about two weeks. Those did not help the pain much nor did the pain stop. Sometime early August I visited my primary care physician, Dr. Jeffrey Carr with Physician Associates in Ocoee, Florida. I realized after about two months of constant pain and numerous doctor’s visit, no one was able to fix the issue. I went from doctor to homeopathic medicines and from acupuncture to praying. The symptoms were severe back pain, constant high fever, excessive sweating especially at nights, loss of appetite, loss of motivation, depression and a constant heartrate between 120-145 even in a state of rest. The average heartrate for a person should be between 60-80, but anything over 100 should be considered as high. I had my annual physical both from my primary care physician and my gynecologist. Neither detected any condition warranted further investigation. I went back a few times to my primary physician and requested to be put in the hospital. I told him I was not getting better after several months. He neither put me in the hospital nor did be send me for any further tests. On September 17th I did an EKG in his office that showed my elevated heart rate, but still he did not send me to get that checked out. Instead he prescribed numerous narcotics such as Hydrocodone and  Valium. Nothing helped. I was getting weaker and losing weight rapidly.

My mom passed away September 21, 2015. Immediately following the burial, about 5 days, my breathing was noticeably rapid. My sister where I was staying noticed it. Those around me noticed it. I was trying hard to look strong and be a team player, but to no avail. However, my loving sister, Nina Singh, made the decision to take me to a heart specialist in Queens, New York on September 29, 2015. That decision changed the course of my life. The diagnosis was immediate. The emotional pain from finding out my condition was prevailing on myself and my entire family. The shock was overwhelming. I will disclose my diagnosis and my experience in my next blog. Please note, If you or anyone may be experiencing the above symptoms, please do not brush it off. Take those symptoms seriously and act immediately. It could be a matter of life or death.