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Those who have money to invest in a project that will most definitely be successful, now would be the time. I am not going to talk about the movie and what it is about, one can easily decipher that from the various links and preview embedded here. I want to simply share my thoughts and feelings on Anthony. He is one of those persons you can sit, chat and walk away being inspired to change the world. I have no doubt this movie will do just that to his audience. Like he said, he has a story. We all have a story. The people in this film have a story. Our stories are what inspire us and those around us. I observed Anthony at work over a week period this year on a domestic violence project. I watched him go hours behind his camera. I watched him feel the message. I watched him lay on the ground trying to get a good shot. I watched him walk into areas rarely ventured by any cameraman.


I watched him go hours without food and was grateful for my last food bar, which he claimed was all he needed to go on. As a single dad I understand his situation being a single parent myself. He has a career, a job and his children plus all his expenses. If I personally had excess money to invest, I will no doubt invest in this film.

Bottom line, take a chance and step up. Donate on the Kickstart link and make a difference.

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