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This article in the link below focuses on the impact of child abuse and neglect. Articles such as this are of interest to me because I am able to share with a wider audience information that would otherwise not be available to them unless they do a focused search. None of what is mentioned in the attached article is my work. This is simply a medium to bring articles such as this and others to you.

I also continue to learn about the impact of physical abuse or neglect that can result in minor to a high level of injuries. Long-term effects include negative health conditions, injury to the brain or broken limbs. For small children, shaking and blunt impact are the most common cause of brain injuries. Physical injuries may not be noticeable and may include bleeding in the eye or brain or damage to spinal cord and neck. These types of injuries have deadly to serious effects, but can go unnoticed. It is critical for those impacted to know this vital information.

This article is written in a form that is easy to read and understand. It provides examples and it stayed away from long and unfamiliar medical terms. It can be understood by almost anyone who has reading and comprehending capabilities. It contains bullet points and summaries as reference so that readers can see at a glance.

Finally, this article provides some great links to other website where more information on this and other subject matter can  be obtained, assimilated and shared with those who may never get a change otherwise to improved their knowledge, awareness and education on one of the world’s most prevailing epidemic: Domestic Violence.

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