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Argument For Dream Act Video:

Support opinions of the Dream Act 2012:

The first video by Senator Richard Durbin stated some key points why we should grant Residence status to minors who entered the US illegally or brought here by their adult parents or caregivers. These points include some milestones that a person must meet such as completing high school, going into the military or college and most importantly maintain a clean criminal record. My opinion on the Dream Act is that it is the most humanitarian act to do for those who had little to no control how they were brought here. We see today in the US where those that were born here tend to take their life of freedom for granted. They abuse the welfare system, commit crimes, fill up our jails and continue to grow the poverty levels. More and more Americans are becoming addicts and homeless. Do not blame the illegal immigrants for our failure to get a college education, a good job or benefits. We are becoming poorer and poorer basically due to the lack of taking the time to take advantage of what this wonderful country has to offer. If you were to go to the prisons and do a study, majority of the criminals are US born citizens. I see no point is not supporting this acts given those qualifying guidelines.

Opponents of Dream Act Video:

Opposition opinions of the Dream Act 2012:

Two things: Displacement (the process by which an emotion that is inhibited is redirected) and Scapegoating (occurs when people who are frustrated by one source are unable to retaliate against that source, they displace aggression towards another source). When I listened to the opposition, I hear those against this Act trying to blame illegal immigrants for the social and economic dilemma we are in today. Illegal immigrants did not cause the unemployment rates to rise. They did not cause the housing market to crash. They did not cause America to go to war in the Middle East for Oil. They did not cause the deficit to explode. Just like Blacks did not cause the cotton price to fall. We do not want to take responsibilities for our actions, but to blame those who cannot defend themselves. The claims by the opponents are false and without merit. Why did they not talk about the tax revenue those that become legal will contribute to the American economy? How about the economic contribution immigrants will bring to the US, especially when they are not crowding the jail cells! This contribution will most likely outweigh the cost of college loans or grants they will use up. People have been coming to the US for hundreds of years and our economy goes in up and down cycles. This is how economics work. It is the simple concept of supply and demand. This country gives me a dream to aspire to. You can live the American Dream or cast stones at it. This is your choice. You chose your life. Don’t chose the life of others. Those who oppose the Dream Act 2012 need to get their facts checked and stop deflecting to a source and using them as a scapegoat.

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