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I have been wanting to scream this for a while. A person’s words are a reflection of them and when we speak we are saying what and who we are. When we make a verbal commitment or a promise, we are expected to stand by it if at all possible. I have seen over the years where this single value has eroded, lost and I am not sure it will ever come back. There are a few who fall outside of this, but most people forget their words and promises. Is this a decay or breakdown of our core?

When I was a kid, I remembered the kindness of people, neighbors, families, friends in abundance. Maybe it was just me, but I remember. Now good, honest friends, loyal families, treasured hope seems to be fading. If the number of people who promised to help, comes through with their promises, I am sure the world will be a better place. I hear all the time people say, ‘yes I love to volunteer and I do it all the time.’ What is all the time..a few times a year at a shelter or donate ONCE to a cause. When we say all the time, we have to be careful what we are comparing all the time to!

I have stopped expecting and have gone into the head bopping okay these days…ok, ok..thanks..but I will believe it when I see it!

Now that feels better!